Proven basics

A click and a double knot is all it takes to put on the MaMo. Half buckle baby carriers are that simple to use.

With a clever tweak

No matter if your baby is just born, starts to crawl, or begins to walk: the MaMo carrier always provides the right size and shape for your little one.

How is that possible?

Our carrier is not sewn together, but constists of several parts.

One part is the seat for your baby - we call it the panel.

Advantages of a modular baby carrier

Use the right panel size according to the length of your baby. Each panel size is dimensioned and shaped to fit the age and the physiology of your baby´s stage of development. The spread quad position that is important for healthy hip development is already built in.

To activate the video you have to click on the link below. We would like to point out that after the activation data are transmitted to the respective provider (Youtube).


Can I adjust the panel base?

Yes, you can adjust it by repositioning the velcro at the waist belt.

Can I wear my baby on my back?

Yes, the MaMo carrier can be used for back carry too.

Can I use the MaMo carrier to carry a premature baby?

Yes, there is a special panel for preemies. You can order preemie carriers in our online shop.

What are the measurements of the different panel sizes?
 panel base min/max (cm)body length (cm)panel namepanel height
premature babyca. 4-638-50P1-0ca. 24
pre schooler40-5086-104P1-448
I have further questions...

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